At the University of Paris Nanterre, I am the co-convenor (with Dominique Connan) of the MA International Political Sociology.

I have taught a wide range of topics in political science to students from diverse backgrounds and having wide-ranging expectations. I teach in both English and French. For several years, I have been in charge of the “World Politics” class, on which up to 700 undergraduates enroll. I have also developed several graduate seminars, including “International Development and Humanitarianism,” “Science, Expertise, and Power: Postcolonial Perspectives,” or “violence et conflits.”

It is my privilege to advise and mentor PhD candidates: Kelma Manatouma (who defended in 2020), Tanguy Quidelleur (who defended in 2023), Héloïse Grard, and Guillaume Desgranges.